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10 Kanye songs which will help you get through hard times

Celebrate Yeezy’s hospital release. We remind you of how Ye’s music has helped in big battles.

1st Dec 2016

Image Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Kanye’s life and career is one of perseverance and self-emancipation.

From day one Kanye was fighting for something more than he had known. Kanye defied all the labels thrown at him. He overcame a music industry perceiving him solely as a producer. He went on to establish himself at the top of the Hip-Hop game with a critically acclaimed debut album ‘The College Dropout’ and eventually came to set-up G.O.O.D. Music, his own record label.

In the fashion world, he went from struggling to get a sneaker project off the ground with Nike to owning one of most popular fashion lines of recent times with Adidas. With an innumerable amount of feats and achievements spanning from twenty-one Grammys to countless Video Music Awards, last month it appeared he might have collapsed under the weight of his goals and accomplishments. Following Ye’s highly publicised and controversial speeches at his last two Saint Pablo Tour stops and alleged assault of gym staff he was hospitalised with ‘paranoia and depression’ catalysed by ‘sleep deprivation and dehydration’. Rapper Lupe Fiasco sympathised with his fellow artist Kanye claiming touring can have an overbearing effect on a person ‘When you not performing you thinking about performing. And when you not thinking about performing, you performing.’ However, now is a time to celebrate, Kanye West has been released from hospital and despite there being a long way to go, music fans across the globe are relieved to hear that the rapper’s condition is improving.

Kanye has been resilient through a string of controversy, doubt and media spotlight and has continued to churn out content through various mediums for a while now. Even if we didn’t appreciate his music we’d still be a fan of his ambition, self-belief and determination which he sincerely wants to embolden in the youth. As a producer he’s been an inspiration through his diverse catalogue of production but also his passion as a human being and an artist. We are all hoping he bounces back soon because we do miss the old Kanye.

Here’s a list of 10 Kanye Songs which offer a bit of inspiration and encouragement in your life:


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