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Yeezy Season 6 Shows How Influential Kim and Kanye Were In 2017

Kanye West’s drawn out release for YEEZY Season 6 is getting better and more complex each day.

14th Dec 2017

Courtesy of Kim Kardashian

Kanye West's drawn out release for YEEZY Season 6 is getting stronger each day. Last week, the limits on meant that anyone who was looking to cop the Desert Rat 500 had to do so with a pair of shorts and a hoodie in the shopping basket too.

Kanye's latest drop was publicly modelled by Kim Kardashian, who was styled by Carine Roitfeld, and who shot in a paparazzi inspired style while Kim was going about her business in LA. What's the most interesting part of this concept? Well it shows that even in a year that Kanye has been relatively "quiet", and actively sought to stay away from the public eye, he is still relevant, and still paying attention to the culture and how to be at the forefront of it.

As far as marketing goes, YEEZY Season 6 took it to the streets of Miami this weekend. Screenshots of Kim's Instagram were pasted on walls in Miami. Not too much is known about them at the moment, but they draw a lot of attention to the direction that Kanye is looking to go in, and have helped to stoke anticipation over which direction YEEZY may be going in in the future.

The pictures are in Miami due to Art Basel, which is a 5 day international art fair. The fair gathers creatives of all traits into one place. So the positioning of the marketing is relevant because it ensures that the right people are going to see it. It also makes sense given the fact that Kanye has in the past compared himself to pop culture artists such as Andy Warhol, who made a career from these kinds of art pieces.

The posters are literally screenshots taken from Instagram, with the comments and likes all part of the platform. The posters look rough, and are indicative of the DIY culture that arts and crafts really derives from. It's a further rebuff to the idea that fashion collections have to be announced and promoted with expensive advertising campaigns and exclusive runways shows.

In an inventive move, Kanye pulled out of the fashion week cycle and decided to present YEEZY Season 6 on his own terms, and to his schedule. One gets the feeling that that's what many brands would do if they weren't so chained in the rhythm of Spring / Summer-Autumn/ Winter. YEEZY is one of the only brands that have been able to operate without the need to conform to that system. The other example being Vetements.

All in all, it looks like with Season 6 the YEEZY brand is starting to flex its wings. After a lukewarm reaction to Season 5, and a Season 4 which received a critical response from fashion journalists after models fainted in the heat of Roosevelt Island. It seems that Kanye and Kim have realised that to get the most traction on for their wears, they need to use the tool that they are most likely the best in the world at using - the internet.

YEEZY Season 6 pre-orders ship in March, so it's likely that the drop will be released in stages. We'll have to see what the designs look like in due course.

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