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Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’ Video: Unapologetically creative or just lazy?

Thug released the most wonderful, disastrous yet creative video which has the internet buzzing.

18th Jan 2017

Alberto Rodriguez/BET/Getty Images for BET

Last year Wyclef Jean called Young Thug a ‘modern Tupac.’

Naturally this bold claim sent social media into a wild frenzy as the rapper who seems to continue to polarise Hip Hop fans all over the world returned the favour by naming one of the songs on his album ‘Wyclef Jean.’ The pair had collaborated on Thugger’s latest album ‘Jeffery’ and one thing for sure is that Young Thug is a revolutionary. Whether it’s his style as a metrosexual rapper, his incomprehensible delivery or his outright disregard for social norms – there’s something different about the rapper. However, after the rapper showed up ten hours late to his own video set, the co - director Ryan Staake went ahead to direct the video without Thug using message boards to explain to viewers how things should have happened. Despite the mess of a video, the move was a stroke of genius that earned Young Thug a lot of praise on Twitter with the video trending worldwide. Check out the bizarre video below:

The praise, however, should not be going to Young Thug. It should go to the co – director Ryan Staake who was able to improvise and make the most out of the mess that is Young Thug’s tardiness. Granted certain things that went wrong were out of Young Thug’s control like the police threatening to shut down the whole set, the male diva's attitude comes as no surprise and represents a habit of many creatives to just do whatever they want. In an interview with Complex, director Staake explains how angry he felt at the time considering how much time, money and effort went into the set. There were some genius concepts in the set which were thought of by Thugger such as a little kid dressed as a cop smashing up a car – something that will live long in the memory. The co - director's commentary is hilarious and the internet took to the video really well, with some questioning whether the whole thing had been staged because it seemed that ridiculous. All that mattered was that it was the number one trending topic when it dropped - a win is a win

What’s amazing is how chaotic and random the whole video is and it really gives you an insight into Thug’s mind. The director had no idea Young Thug would fly out a young boy from Mississipi to play a cop. It shows that Thug plays by no rules, kind of like Kanye, which can be so frustrating but at the same time is the reason why we love them.

What do you think? Is Young Thug irresponsible or is he a creative genius? Check out the enlightening Behind The Scenes Video below:

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