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18th Jan 18

‘The World’s Gone Mad,’ Mental Health and The Presidency

We explore the important topic of Mental Health in society following President Trump's tweets.

11th Jan 18

Royal Couple Make First Official Visit of the Year To South London

Everyone's favourite couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave a lasting impression at Reprezent.

19th Feb 17

Homophobia in Hip Hop: The Next Frontier

Hip Hop has overcome pillars of the anti-liberal establishment. Will homophobia be the next to fall?

13th Feb 17

The Great Valentine Taboo

Exploring the acceptance of interracial relationships in light of "A United Kingdom"

21st Nov 16

Fabric Nightclub Reopens

Following its controversial closure in summer, the London Superclub is set to reopen.

23rd Oct 16

Smokescreen: The Legalisation of Marijuana Explored

Nico Trompetas debunks marijuana myths and explores the recent wave of legalisation

27th Sep 16

Fabric nightclub forced to shut down: What's the real reason?

Islington Council close cultural hub Fabric Nightclub; we explored the true motives behind its closure.