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Zayn Malik teases new single featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR

The former One Direction star says his new single ‘Still Got Time’ is set to be released ‘soon’.

22nd Mar 2017

Image Credit: WWD

Former One Direction frontman Zayn Malik has teased that he will release a new track featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR via social media. The artist, who posted a picture of the single’s cover on his Twitter account, promised his fans that they wouldn’t have to wait much longer to hear the full track.

Zayn revealed that the track is a duet with rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR, and when asked when he will actually drop the track by one of his fans, he replied ‘Soon[,] and I mean it’. Subsequently another Malik fan questioned whether the artist would stick to his own deadline - and the artist replied ‘Don’t be like that … I promise you’.

In spite of the concerns of his fans, Zayn has been working hard since he left On Direction in an effort to establish himself as a unique solo artist. He released his debut solo album, ‘Mind of Mine’ in March 2016 and now looks set to be releasing a catalogue of new music in the coming weeks.

Malik’s debut album was successful, but it also came at a troubling time for the artist. Last year saw Malik admit to struggles with anxiety, the fallout from the 2015 breakdown of his engagement to Little Mix star Perrie Edwards, and a row in which Kent university used him as the face of black history month.

He also recently shared the he had ‘no idea’ why he was portrayed as the ‘mysterious one’ in One Direction. He said: ‘have no idea why. It was obviously a marketing strategy to appeal to different areas of female personalities and wants and needs. “I might want a cute one”, “I might want a cheeky one”, “I might want a mysterious one”, that's all it was.’

PARTYNEXTDOOR is coming off a recent run of hits. Last year one of his biggest tracks was Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and this year he has gotten off to a similar start by producing Jay Z, Beyonce and DJ Khaled’s latest track ‘Shining’. On Saturday (March 18th) fans heard him on Drake’s ‘More Life’ playlist and soon they are set to hear him again on the track with Malik, called ‘Still Got Time’. The track is expected to arrive on Friday and is rumoured to continue along the dancehall themed tracks that the artist has become famous for.

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